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Hamden Cleaning Up After Tornado Touches Down

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On Friday, the town of Hamden was once again cleaning up after a tornado.

“We try to take care of the urgent stuff, you know like trees on houses, trees blocking driveways, just try to get people out and accessing their homes safe,” said Mayson Boyhen, CEO of Boyhen Property Services, a tree service company that’s been busy the last month.

“We had about a hundred calls from the first storm and this one we had about 50 to 75 and they’re still coming in,” said Boyhen.

Thursday’s tornado tore through parts of Hamden causing trees to fall, damaging cars and crushing buildings.

David Thompson says he wasn’t home when it happened, he was out shopping.

“We had to run in the bathroom area because we could hear the tornado outside,” said Thompson. “It really does sound like a train.”

Trees and debris litter Thompson’s neighborhood at Shephard and Sherman avenues. A tree fell on a house at the intersection. The owner says it only damaged the roof.

Across the street, three utility poles were replaced, and the outage impacted a wide area of Hamden. The ripple effect hit Hamden Hills Drive where powerlines are buried.

“The tornado two years ago, we didn’t lose power. We didn’t lose power two weeks ago. So, for this one, this is weird for our whole neighborhood,” said Rochelle Currie.

Over at Quinnipiac University, the school's generators kicked on after a loss of power.

“Everybody’s WIFI just dropped at the same time and our power went out,” said freshman Keirsten Dunn. “Everybody ran into the hallways to get shelter.”

Friday’s classes were canceled during the first week.

“It was kind of nice because we didn’t really know what to do,” said Juliette LaPointe.  

They say they’re not surprised their first week of college was rocked by a tornado.

“We’re the class of 2020,” said Amanda Callahan. “We ended high school like this why not start college like this.”

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