Hamden Police Investigating After Letting Missing Middletown Man Go Nearly 2 Weeks Ago

Almost two weeks have passed since 59-year-old Peter Recchia, of Middletown, disappeared and Hamden police said they spoke with him hours before he was reported missing while responding to reports of an unwanted person in a 76-year-old woman’s home in their town. Now they are launching an internal investigation.

Middletown police said Recchia was last seen on Thursday, Oct. 3 in the area of Millers Pond State Park in Haddam.

On Wednesday, Hamden police said one of their officers saw him early that morning after responding to a report of an “unwanted person.”

They said they responded to a home on State Street at 4:15 a.m. and met with a 76 year-old resident who said she “heard heavy footsteps downstairs” and a man talking out loud, so she went downstairs and saw a man seated at her kitchen table. Police later identified the man as Recchia and said they believe he got in through an unlocked door.

The woman convinced Recchia to leave and a police officer saw him moments later, walking south on State Street.

Peter Recchia missing
Middletown Police

While at the scene, a computer check was done and the search for was negative, police said. After determining that Recchia wasn’t a danger to himself or others, he was told he could leave, according to Hamden police.

They said Recchia had not yet been reported missing when they accounted for him and that Middletown Police issued a Silver Alert for him sometime after 8:30 p.m. on Oct. 3.

Hamden Police said the ethics and integrity division has launched an internal investigation.

The search continues for Recchia, who is 5-feet-11 and has gray hair, green eyes, a mustache and glasses. He weighs 150 pounds.

When Recchia was last seen, he was traveling south on Foot Hills Road and was wearing a short-sleeve royal blue shirt, jeans, a black belt and black sneakers, according to Middletown Police.

They said Recchia does not have a history of violence but has a history of mental health issues and might be delusional and in need of medication.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Middletown Police Detective Jimmy Lacasse 860-638-4134 or Middletown dispatch at 860-347-2541 if Detective Lacasse is not available.

If you are out of the Middletown area and see Recchia, call your local police department.

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