Hamden Police Investigating at Least 8 Violent Crimes Over Two Day Period

hamden police car

Police in Hamden responded to reports of at least eight violent crimes over a two day period, police said.

A "crime spree" on Wednesday, June 10, involved two armed robberies and two attempted robberies.

In one of the robberies on June 10, police said a man was putting groceries in his car at 2335 Dixwell Avenue when he was approached by a suspect who "pointed a gun" at his face. The male suspect stole his cell phone and then drove away in a white SUV.

Police also laid out in detail the crimes that they reported occurring on June 11:

The first incident occurred on Giles Street around 4:15 p.m. Thursday. Two females reported being approached by young men while standing in a driveway, according to police. Police said one of the men pointed a firearm at them and demanded their belongings. When one of the victims reached for a telephone, the two men left in a stolen motor vehicle, police said.

The second incident happened four minutes later in a parking lot at 1744 Dixwell Avenue when two men pulled next to a woman parked in her vehicle and taped on her window with a firearm, police said. Police said the victim drove away.

The third incident took place at 2300 Dixwell Avenue six minutes later. Police said they received a report of an armed street robbery when a man was getting in his car and was approached by a male suspect who had a weapon. The victim was ordered out of his car by the suspect who then stole the vehicle with another suspect.

At 5:20 p.m., police responded to an armed street robbery in a parking lot at 1890 Dixwell Avenue. A female victim had her pocketbook and cell phone stolen by a suspect with a gun, police said.

After these reports, police have increased patrols in the area, Hamden police said Friday. Police believe the crime sprees of June 10 and June 11 are connected, police said.

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