Hamden Police to Put Out Town Survey

One Connecticut police department wants to know what residents think of the work they do.

The Hamden Police Department released its first ever town survey on social media.

A summer fellow from Quinnipiac University put together the new survey for residents as he interns at the police department.

"If you have anything you want to say about the department, bad or good, we want to know about it," Tymothee Anderson, who majors in criminal justice, said.

The survey seeks feedback on how Hamden police are currently allocating their resources. 

"We want to know whether the public is interested in community service officers, whether they are more interested in traffic enforcement whether they are more interested in our school resource officer program," Anderson said.

The "How Are You Doing, Citizens?" survey can be found here.

"Surveys are something that have become more and more popular in American policing, they are actually recommended by professional organizations," Police Chief Thomas Wydra said.

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