Hamden Police To Step Up Presence on QU Campus During Hockey National Championship

Like Quinnipiac University alumni, students and fans, Hamden Police Chief Thomas Wydra is pulling for the men’s hockey team to bring home its first national championship.

“We’re all excited here in Hamden and very proud of them,” Wydra said.

Win or lose, the chief said he is hoping for a safe and orderly reaction from students on Saturday night.

Six to 12 patrol cars and at least a dozen Hamden Police officers will be on campus, in addition to an increased QU Department of Public Safety presence, Wydra said.

After the Bobcats beat Boston College 3-2 in the Frozen Four national semifinals Thursday night, cell phone video captured students tearing down a tree on QU’s campus.

“We can’t believe that you would trash your school if your team won,” QU Junior Tori Heckert said.

Hamden Police arrested two 18-year-old students. Both Maxime Giesen and Robert Amonica are charged with 1st degree Criminal Mischief.

“There were several hundred students who congregated on the main campus, so the fact we only had two that acted in such a way that required us to make an arrest,” Wydra said, “I think actually is a positive out of the whole event last night.”

A statement from QU spokesperson John Morgan said “the majority of our students were well behaved and none were injured during Thursday night’s celebration.”

The two arrested students are suspended until their student conduct meetings, Morgan added.

“The university's Public Safety Department will continue to work closely with the Hamden Police Department during Saturday's NCAA Frozen Four championship game to maintain the safety and security of all members of the university community,” Morgan said.

QU Junior Hayleigh Kurts said she is hoping for a Bobcats victory, followed by a peaceful celebration.

“It should just be all in good fun and no more arrests or injuries,” she said.

“You can’t damage the property on your own campus if you’re a college student obviously,” Wydra said, “you can’t get physically or verbally abusive with anybody in these crowds.”

The championship game between the QU Bobcats and North Dakota begins just after 8 p.m.

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