Hamden Rescue Raises $10K for Surgery for Sick Puppy

When Hamden Animal Control came across a sick 3-month-old puppy in March, things didn’t look good for the animal. But thanks to the generosity of strangers, today King, as the puppy is now known, is on a road to recovery.

Assistant Animal Control Officer Mitch Gibbs found King on March 27 after receiving a report of a sick or injured dog. The pit bull, who was 3 months old at the time, was extremely thin with bones easily visible, and appeared bloated, according to police.

Police said King was taken to a local veterinarian who determined the medical prognosis was “poor.”

But with regular treatments and a comfortable spot at North Haven Animal Hospital, King began to show improvements and become playful. A local veterinarian cardiologist was called in and determined that King had a rare congenital heart problem. There was an operation that could help, but it was pricey.

That’s where local rescue group “Where the Love Is” came in. The rescue raised over $10,000 to cover King’s surgical costs, and did it in just 48 hours.

On June 20, King went in for surgery. Police say it was partially successful he is making progress, but he still needs a second surgery. 

"The Hamden Police Department and Animal Control Division would like to overwhelmingly thank Gabrielle Scirocco, the President of Where the Love Is and the dozens of caring people who love animals and hope to make a difference. Thank you again," Hamden police wrote in a statement.

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