Hamden Says Thank You to Front-Line Workers With Parade

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Hamden said “thank you” to workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic with a parade this morning.

The town sponsored a “Thank You Tour,” a vehicle parade, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.  to say thank you, with an emphasis on employees of grocery stores who are making sure residents can get the food and supplies they need. 

Hamden Shop Rite employees took a quick break, eager to watch the parade’s arrival.

“To get that, at least get some kind of recognition, that makes me feel good and it makes us feel, ‘Hey ,at least we’re doing something good because if we don’t come here who is eating?!,’ said floral manager Tina Gosiker.

This pandemic has shown us the importance of every cart put away, every shelf stocked with necessities, and every grocery employee putting on their safety gear to keep stores open.

Those we spoke to urge shoppers to please abide by social distancing guidelines.

“So if we’re doing it to protect ourselves, we just ask that you do the same thing to protect yourselves and to protect us. And then, we can move on from this,” said Gosiker.

As the coronavirus impacts so many of our lives, important to remember these employees are dealing with their own struggles too as they clock in to help us.

“It’s been really crazy because I can’t take the bus because I’m high risk with the virus because of my asthma,” said Hamden Shop Rite employee Sandy Taylor, who has been paying for carshare rides to get to work to avoid getting on busses.

Hamden first responders who participated in the parade said the community has given them so much support, now it was time to spread the love and lift some spirits.

“We’re all in this together. We in particular work 24-hour shifts, so we need supplies to do our job on a daily basis. Just to have them working as hard as they’re working to keep the shelves stocked,” said David Beaton, vice president of Hamden Firefighters Local 2687.

The Hamden Police Department, Hamden Fire Department,  Hamden CERT Team, Hamden Volunteer Fire Department, The National Guard, Nelson Ambulance, AMR and K & J Tree Services participated. 

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