Hamden Works to Improve Transparency Following Police-Involved Shooting in New Haven

For weeks, people in Hamden have called for accountability and transparency after one of their officers opened fire in New Haven. Now, officials are answering the call.

The Legislative Council in Hamden has already proposed a resolution that would fund an independent investigation. On Monday night, they plan to vote on that resolution.

The is something community members have been pushing for for several weeks following the shooting of two unarmed people in New Haven.

A Yale police officer and a Hamden police officer opened fire on a car after suspecting it was involved in an attempted armed robbery on April 16.

The Hamden officer ran over and shot into the passenger window.

The passenger was shot and taken to the hospital. The driver was not shot.

"Anyone could have been killed. Thank god Stephanie Washington survived, Paul Witherspoon survived. They're traumatized. Not only are they traumatized, that community is traumatized," said Community Organizer Kerry Ellington.

The police officers' actions have sparked outrage in the community.

State Police have been investigating, but community members have still been fighting for an independent investigation.

"This person will observe the investigation while it's happening, look at the outcome, and then do a review afterward to make sure everything is completely open and fair," said Hamden Council President Mick McGarry.

McGarry added that restoring the public trust is a priority. He said he expects about $50,000 in funding for the independent investigation.

Hamden also has set up a transparency committee as they search for a new police chief. They plan to have public meetings asking people what they want to see in a new chief.

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