Happy Ending for Shelter Dog Set to Be Euthanized

Daisy the pit bull is among more than 600 shelter pets rescued during NBC Connecticut's "Clear The Shelters" campaign over the weekend.

A Meriden family saved her life.

The stray dog was about to be put down. She had lived in the Meriden animal shelter for about a month, but could not adjust to the kennel life.

"She became looking quite emaciated to me. She had kennel sores on her feet. She just wasn’t acting like a normal, happy dog," said Animal Control Officer Sara Beacon.

Beacon said it wasn’t fair for Daisy to be so stressed out. The shelter made the tough decision to euthanize her, but first wanted to give her another chance through the NBC Connecticut's "Clear The Shelters" event last Saturday.

Meriden Animal Control also reached out to the public on Facebook asking for their help to find Daisy a home.

Maureen McGaughey saw the post about Daisy and had to meet her.

"She's just been wonderful for us. We just couldn’t leave without her; we had to take her home. We just couldn’t let her be put down," said McGaughey.

Along with Daisy’s new home, she also has a new name: Molly.

She’s already put on some weight, and her owner says she’s eating well. It’s only a matter of time before she looks and feels healthier.

McGaughey says she's just glad to give Molly a second chance.

"She’s just amazing. I cant describe how amazing she is. It’s almost like we’ve had her forever," she said.

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