Hartford Barber Gives Free Haircuts to the Homeless for the Day

South Church in Hartford transformed into a barber shop Sunday to give community members an extra boost and a helping hand.

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Hairdressers on Sunday helped community members in Hartford get back on their feet with a fresh, new look.

"I was actually homeless at one point myself so that's why I'm doing this," said Miguel Delvalle, owner of Wise Guys Scissor Society. 

Having been in their shoes, Delvalle wanted to give back to those experiencing homelessness. A barber of 13 years, he trimmed, cut, shaved and styled those looking for a little change.

"My experience living in Hartford has been up and down. I've been in Hartford for 50 years," said Corey Carter, of Hartford.

Once seated in the chair, Corey Carter had a special request.

"I told them to take 20 years off, and that's what he's doing for me, taking 20 years off," said Carter.

Sunday's "No Hair Left Behind" event came together with the help of Kelly Toth, who leads Hartford Healthcare's Neighborhood Health Program.  

"We hit the streets, we walk around, we do this for folks in our neighborhood, and I just happened to be walking by Miguel's shop," said Toth.

What started as a conversation a few months ago turned into an all-day event.

Together they created a hair clinic at South Church from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a goal of helping 100 people. The clinic was complete with a hot lunch, new footwear, health exams, and networking opportunities. 

"You know, I've been in and out of trouble, but now I'm doing good for the past 2.5 years. Just working on being a family man, taking care of my kids," said Carter.

Toth and Delvalle said they hope to make this an annual event as a way to connect with, help out, and ensure the health of those who might be struggling in the area.

"Although they may be homeless right now, they might have history where they had homes. Some of them have military backgrounds. Some of them may have a business background. For whatever reason they have fallen on hard times, I try to get them in my chair," said Devalle.

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