Hartford Community Leaders Visit Site of Deadly Shooting

Several community group leaders visited the scene of a deadly shooting at the invitation of police Wednesday.

Police swarmed to Enfield and Greenfield in Hartford before sunset Tuesday, where they found two gunshot victims mortally wounded, with a third victim able to walk into the hospital.

Rev. Lauri Malawitz of Effectual Fervent Prayer Outreach said, "My heart goes out to families. My heart goes out to those who lost their children."

Rev. Henry Brown of Mothers United Against Violence said, "There's gonna be plenty more restless nights for the residents of Hartford."

At the scene the day after, a few candles stood where 21-year-old Ashley Spence was killed, beside 97 Enfield Street. Brown was with the victim's mother at the hospital.

"Let me tell you, it was, it was gut wrenching," he said. "When the woman received the news that her child was gone, she was trying to hold onto the belief that she wasn't gone. But it was inevitable. She didn't make it.

Detectives looked over the back yard across the street at 98 Enfield, where 19-year-old Cameron Mounds Junior was killed. Last week in East Hartford a man was killed and a pregnant woman shot, the day after a 22-year-old man was shot and killed in Hartford.

"To me," said Brown, "and I have a feel for these things, it's getting out of hand again and really I know the police are doing whatever they can do. But I'm urging the residents, and church leaders - I'm urging community leaders - we all have to come together on a common front."

His group, Mothers United Against Violence, will hold a vigil near the scene on Sunday.

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