Hartford Company Sells Out, Cuts 70% of Jobs

Edart, a Hartford-owned trucking company will be sold to Ryder, and 35 jobs will be lost.

Employees at a Hartford trucking company will soon become victims of the turbulent economy.

At least 35 out of the 50 workers at Edart Leasing Company will lose their jobs on Monday, Feb. 2 when the company is “officially” sold to Ryder.

Edart employees in North Haven and Waterbury aren’t as lucky.

Although the truck-leasing company has six branches in Connecticut, Ryder will only keep four of them open, with plans to close the North Haven and Waterbury branches.

Between its Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey locations Edart has about 200 employees.  Sources tell NBC 30 that only 61 of them will be able to keep their jobs when Ryder takes over. 

“I’m going to miss everyone….a hard transition for a lot of us,” said Edart employee Recina Reynolds-Gilbert.

The 75 year old company had “no comment”.

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