Hartford Courant to Move Printing Out of Connecticut


The Hartford Courant announced Monday that it is closing its Hartford printing operations and will outsource to the Springfield Republican in Massachusetts by the end of the year.

The paper was started in 1764 and boasts the title of the county's oldest newspaper in continuous publication.

Tribune Publishing, which owns the paper, said the decision will impact 151 employees.

"While this was a difficult decision, it is not a reflection in any way on the loyalty and commitment to excellence of the people whose employment will be affected," a company spokesperson said in a statement. "Severance packages are being provided to all affected Hartford Courant employees. With ongoing print revenue declines aggravated by the financial fallout from the pandemic, the Court is taking this step to help offset declines and to continue focusing resources on digital growth."

The company went on to say that advertisers will not be affected by the change, nor will home and retail deliveries.

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