Hartford Declares State of Emergency for Snow

Laura Clark

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra issued a state of emergency on Thursday, looking for state assistance because of the record-shattering amount of snow that has fallen this month.

“Storm after storm after storm has hit Hartford and we need state assistance in clearing away the snow and ice so that we can accommodate all the people who live, work, and visit Hartford,” Segarra said in a statement. “The conditions of our streets must not put our residents and properties at risk.”

Hartford’s snow removal budget for this fiscal year is $730,206. Figures are still being calculated and monitored, but less than $300,000 remains, Segarra said.

He said the densely populated city has less open space than more rural areas so there are limited options on where to put the growing mounds of snow.

“Connecticut’s Capital City is the job center for the region and state and we must be able to keep pace with the demands that come with this responsibility. We are home to major hospitals and corporations so public safety and safe transportation are essential,” Segarra said.

Segarra urges property owners to shovel their walkways, sidewalks, driveways and curb-cuts and clear-away snow from fire hydrants. Please do not shovel the snow back into the street.

“The City can’t do this alone. We need everyone’s help and cooperation from individual residents to large corporations,” he said.

Hartford issued a parking ban, which remains in effect until 8 p.m.

Segarra said shelters are open. Immaculate Conception (860-724-4823) at 560 Park Street is open, as is McKinney Shelter (860-722-6922) at 34 Huyshope Avenue.


Call the Hartford Police Department Record’s Division at (860) 757-4150 between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Have either the Vehicular Identification Number or the license plate number available. You will be given the name of the company that towed your vehicle, their telephone number and your tow number. Storage fees begin to accrue after 24 hours. The tow charge is $108.

The $99 snow emergency violation ticket is separate and payable to the Hartford Parking Authority.

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