Hartford Deputy Chief Accidentally Discharges Gun in Office


A Hartford deputy chief is on administrative assignment after accidentally discharging her gun in the office, according to Lt. Aaron Boisvert.

Boisvert said Deputy Chief Sonia Watson unintentionally discharged her firearm in her office while she was preparing to leave for the day.

No one was injured and Boisvert said it appears the gun went off as she was trying to secure the weapon.

Police said that as soon as the gun went off, she followed the proper protocols and made the right notifications. The department initiated an investigation and officials said they've taken all the appropriate steps to document the incident.

Boisvert said the full circumstances of the incident will be investigated and Watson could face disciplinary action. For now, she remains on administrative assignment and is being scheduled for retraining on the safe handling of firearms.

"While no one was injured, we take any discharge of a weapon very seriously," Boisvert said in a statement.

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