Hartford Police Investigating 10th Homicide of the Year

Hartford shooting11

Hartford Police are investigating the 10th confirmed homicide of the year in the Capitol City.

Police responded to 10 Flatbush Avenue around 4pm Saturday afternoon and found a 25 year-old man suffering from several gunshot wounds. The victim was immediately rushed to Hartford Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Migdalia Reyes’ says her son was with the victim when shots rang out.

“All i know is he was going to the store and they drove by and killed him,” said Reyes. “My son was lucky.”

Hartford Major Crimes Division along with the cities Shooting Task force investigated for hours outside the multifamily home near the intersection with Zion Street.

Lt. Brian Foley  from Hartford Police says witnesses are cooperating and they developed some strong leads very early on in the investigation.

Rev. Henry Brown, a longtime anti-violence advocate in Hartford, left  a vigil for another young victim killed last week on Vine Street and rushed to the scene when told about the murder.

“We were leading that vigil for his families when we got word of what happened to this young man. Here we go again.”

Police say they expect to investigate through the night.

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