Hartford Family Gets Fresh Start With New Home From Habitat for Humanity

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It was a big day in the City of Hartford for a new homeowner on Tuesday.

Habitat for Humanity is not only breaking new ground as an organization, but is also helping generations to come.

“It is a dream come true,” said Tammy Lubin. She is the new homeowner of a home on Cleveland Avenue in Hartford.

“It's not real yet. It will sink in eventually, it hasn’t quite sunken in. It still feels like a part of the process,” she said.

Tuesday was a celebration of the journey as Habitat for Humanity invited friends, elected officials and community members to come out and celebrate not only with Lubin, but the organization.

The new home on Cleveland Avenue marks Habitat for Humanity of North Central Connecticut’s first concrete home in the City of Hartford.

Its structure has extreme durability and high energy efficiency, but for Lubin the home is more than just the new bells and whistles.

“I grew up poor,” said Lubin. “My mom and dad didn’t have much. I’m the last of eight and we never really had anything to fall back on, that kind of generational wealth that people talk about, and this is the first step in a long journey that I’m about to embark on, on behalf of my son - that if something was to happen to me today or tomorrow, he would have something to fall back on.”

“This is the beginning of a new beginning," CEO of Habitat For Humanity Karraine Moody added.

Moody highlights not just how touching the moment is for a family to receive their new home, but how Tuesday is a culmination of a months-long process.

“Our homes are for working class families so yes they do a 150 hours of sweat equity, they do 50 hours of financial literacy, and we’re here to help them to prepare them to be homeowners,” said Moody.

And for Lubin, she said her heart is full and gratitude is immeasurable. “It’s changing the course, it’s breaking generational curses and I have to thank Habitat for Humanity and its sponsors for making that possible.” 

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