Hartford Hit-and-Run Suspect Pleads Not Guilty

Luis Negron has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in the hit-and-run that paralyzed, and later killed, Angel Arce Torres, 79.

Negron was arraigned Tuesday and jury selection will begin on July 7. 

Negron’s attorneys have questioned an alleged confession he made to police and whether he could get a fair trial. Negron’s lawyer said he would look hard at alleged confession. 

Torres was struck on May 30, 2008 as he crossed Park Street in Hartford, walking home from doing an errand.
A driver sped down the street, veered across the yellow line, hit him and drove off. Seconds later, a second car hit Torres, knocking him to the ground.

The blow altered life for the father of seven, grandfather of 17 and great-grandfather of 33, to the point he was left paralyzed and had to be put on life support.
Last month, Torres’ family made the heart-breaking decision to take him off life support at the Hospital of Special Care in New Britain. The cause of death was bronchial pneumonia and a spinal cord injury, according to the medical examiner’s report.

In the aftermath of Torres’ death, Hartford Police Department received fresh information about the case that led to Negron’s arrest.
Negron, who was charged with first-degree manslaughter in connection with the crash, was originally arrested and charged for window tinting, wiper obstruction and operating under suspension.

The next day, the manslaughter charge was added.

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