Hartford Imposes Vernon Street as Craig Joseph Yennie Ph. D. Way

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Close to 50 people gathered at the corner of Summit and Vernon streets in Hartford on Saturday, as the city imposed Vernon Street as “Craig Joseph Yennie Ph. D. Way.”

Imposing means there is a second street sign with a different name below the top street sign with its traditional street name. In this case, Vernon Street is the traditional street name. These impositions are often honorary in nature, authorized through city council proclamations.

Hyacinth Yennie

Craig Yennie was a Hartford born, promising young doctor who died five years ago this month at age 33 from heart attack. He was a DNA researcher.

Hyacinth Yennie

He received his undergraduate degree from Trinity College, Class of 2006.  He then went to Brown University for his graduate studies. 

Yennie is the son of Hartford activist Hyacinth Yennie. Like his mother, Craig Yennie was very involved with the community himself. 

Hyacinth Yennie said Trinity College sponsored the gathering for the imposition as part of its schedule of Homecoming Weekend events.

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