Hartford Makes List For Best Places To Buy Your First Home

A new study has named Hartford one of the best places to buy your first home.

Antonio Reale of East Hartford wants to invest in a Brownstone on Capitol Avenue in downtown Hartford. He hopes to one day make it his happy place.

“I’m finally at a point where I can financially make that, that jump,” said Antonio Reale.

Why Hartford?

“I think it’s growing. I think a lot's happening,” said Reale. Reale is not alone.

According to a study released by bankrate.com, Hartford is among the top ten places to live based on the city’s property tax amounts, average commute times, unemployment rate, culture, and safety.

“Hartford is totally on the map,” said Alexa Kabalo Hughes.

Local Realtor Alexa Kabalo Hughes is not surprised by Hartford’s ranking.

“We’re seeing a lot of positive changes happening in the marketplace,” Kabalo Hughes.

Kabalo Hughes said the average price for a home in Hartford is $156,000 and more millennials buying for the first time.

NBC Connecticut Responds wanted to know if Hartford has always been attractive to buyers.

“You know, it’s so funny you asked that because when we look back, believe it or not, Hartford year over year, is growing with an average sales price of five percent,” explained Kabalo.

Back on Capitol Avenue, Antonio Reale believes Hartford is the place to be. So, he’s ready to plant some roots.

“If it’s the right place, it’s going to fall into place,” said Reale.

Experts recommend that first time homebuyers build their credit score and contribute to a high yield savings account which can get you mortgage offers with lower interest rates. If you’re pre-approved for a loan, make sure the monthly payment fits your budget.

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