Hartford Mayor Implements More COVID-19 Regulations

The city will restrict in-person visits to city offices and says social distance guidelines will be enforced.

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Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin announced several new ways the city is adjusting, trying to further prevent the spread of COVID-19. This after announcing a spike in Hartford cases.

Bronin says there are now 120 cases in Hartford.

“It's worth noting that is a 50 percent increase from this update two days ago,” he said.

Bronin said this is not unexpected and warned people to be ready for the numbers to increase.

The city is taking further action to limit the spread, including scaling back “in-person” city services. To see the city clerk an appointment must be made and confirmed with two-day notice.

“That means we will be closing the tax office. We will be closing the registrar of voters office. The clerk office except for those two days where scheduled appointments can take place,” Bronin explained.

As a result of the changes, tax payments and correspondence are to be made online or by use of a dropbox.

Building inspections will also be done remotely by phone or with pictures.

The city will also be enforcing social distance restrictions mandated by the governor.

They will also be enforcing social distance restrictions mandated by the Governor. Health inspectors, accompanied by police, will be visiting grocery stores, bodegas and other retail stores to make sure guidelines are being adhered to.

“We are going to do our part locally to make sure the directives of Governor Lamont is putting into place are enforced, are honored, are respected,” said Bronin. “There will be consequences for those who choose to ignore those.”

Bronin stressed to people that these changes will be in place for some time and urged the community to help.

“We're going to be in this for a while. We're going to see increases for a while. There is sustained community spread and we need everyone to do their part,” said Bronin.

According to Bronin the moves at City Hall are designed to give people fewer reasons to leave their homes. He said they will evaluate these adjustments as necessary but they will remain in place at least until the end of April.

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