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Hartford Mayor Pens Letter to ICE Opposing Deportation Raids

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin has penned a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement denouncing plans to conduct raids with the intention of deporting undocumented families and said that Hartford would not engage in this kind of enforcement.

“On behalf of the City of Hartford, I am writing to reiterate that this kind of enforcement will not improve public safety in Hartford, and even the consideration and threat of this kind of enforcement is damaging to public trust and creates unnecessary fear within our immigrant communities,” Bronin wrote.

On Saturday President Donald Trump delayed the plans for a nationwide immigration sweep, saying he would give lawmakers two weeks to work out solutions for the southern border. 

The operation had originally been scheduled to begin Sunday and would target people with final orders of removal, including families.

Bronin went on to say in the letter that deporting undocumented families that contribute to the community is a waste of resources and inconsistent with ICE’s stated mission. He also said that it would be “unacceptable for any ICE officials to misrepresent their identity again by posing as Hartford police officers, or to use any City of Hartford facilities without prior authorization.”

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