Hartford Mayor Vetoes Council Cuts That Could Have Shut Down Library Branches

Hartford's mayor vetoed cuts on Friday made by the city council for the city's public library-- a measure that could have shut down three different locations. 

"I want to thank all of the members of the Hartford City Council for their hard work on this budget," Mayor Luke Bronin said. "The City of Hartford faces huge fiscal challenges, but this budget demonstrates that we are willing to make the difficult choices needed to get our fiscal house in order."

City Council members voted Wednesday to add $393,000 to the already $600,000 reduction for funding.

"We've already eliminated 10 positions. That included 10 layoffs. That already happened. This could target 15 additional positions," said the library’s Chief Executive Officer Bridget Quinn-Carey.

City officials said the potential closing locations included one on Blue Hills Ave, Campfield Ave and the one inside the Hartford Public High School on Forest Street called the Mark Twain Branch.

Bronin also vetoed a $1,000,000 reduction to the city's police department. The reduction was meant to cease the city's contribution for crossing guards and Bronin said the Board of Education would endure the cost. For now, the city will pay for crossing guards and Bronin said it will be reimbursed later by BOE.

In addition to cuts, Bronin vetoed or reduced expenditures for Hartford Arts and Heritage Job Grants, Special Events and Hartford Pro-Am.

On Monday, the proposed budget will go before the city council, who will either adopt the proposal or continue making changes on it. 

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