Hartford Officer Honored for Saving 1-Year-Old Choking Baby

A Hartford police officer has been awarded for saving a 1-year-old baby's life last year. 

On Dec. 13, police received a call about a baby who not breathing and unresponsive.

When Officer Jill Kidik got to the home, a woman brought the baby towards the officer frantically, police said. She told the officer that the baby had been eating cereal when he began to choke and fall unconscious. 

The child was in a cyanotic state and his eyes "rolled" to the back of his head, police said. 

Kidik immediately tried to help the child with police emergency first aid measures without the assistance of any emergency personnel. 

The officer first tried to clear the 1-year-old's mouth of obstructions and administered CPR. When these attempts were unsuccessful, she proceeded with Heimlich-type maneuvers for about one minute.

During this time, the baby began to scream and slowly start breathing. 

Kidik was presented with the Hartford Police Department's Lifesaving Award for rescuing the baby. 

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