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Hartford Police Department Steps Up Social Distancing Efforts

hartford police cruiser

The Hartford Police Department is stepping up its social distancing efforts, expanding the unit that is taking non-emergency criminal complaints and other service calls over the phone while also promoting social distancing to the general public.

City officials announced Tuesday that the department would be expanding its Teleserve unit, which is taking complaints over the phone to protect from unnecessary in-person contact. The unit handles complaints like reports of larceny, identity theft, certain burglary situations, and motor vehicle accidents without any injuries. Supervisors may determine a call needs an in-person response on an individual basis.

The department will also be playing public service announcements through their cruisers to remind the public to practice social distancing, especially in instances where groups of people may be congregating.

Public safety agencies across the state have been looking at ways to continue to provide service to the public during the coronavirus while also taking steps to protect themselves and the communities they serve from the coronavirus.

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