Police Make 58 Underage Drinking Referrals at Florida Georgia Line Show

Police said the Friday's show was 'calmer' than some others at Xfinity Theatre

Hartford police made 58 underage drinking referrals Friday night in the parking lots of a Florida Georgia Line Concert at the Xfinity Theatre.

Hartford police had prepared for an increased level of law enforcement at the concert, specifically to crack down on underage drinking after many concertgoers wound up in the hospital at a recent event.

On July 21, the Xfinity parking lots were packed with people, many of whom were under 21 years old, for a Chance The Rapper concert. Police said there was a lot of heavy drinking, which resulted in 50 people being charged with underage drinking and 96 people being taken by ambulance to hospitals.

Many of those patients were suffering from severe intoxication and some were transported to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in Hartford.

After the incident, police met with Xfinity Theatre representatives, and Xfinity Theatre agreed to pay for an additional law enforcement presence at the FGL show.

Police said they made 58 referrals. AMR supervisors did not release a specific number of transports, but estimated that “around 30” people were transported to the hospital, police said.

Hartford Police Deputy Chief Brian Foley described Friday’s show as more subdued and calmer than some others.

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