Hartford Police Officers Posthumously Honored for Injuries on Duty

A retired Hartford police officer is making sure every officer is honored for their sacrifices, even years after their death.

Hartford Police didn’t start to award the Police Cross, recognition of officers severely wounded in the line of duty, until 1974, but retired Sgt. Thomas Elwood works to track down deserving officers and their families to make sure everyone gets the recognition they deserve.

Floyd Hartfield was a dedicated Hartford Police Officer for 32 years.

"He took it to heart, and he had great passion for that job," said his son, Floyd Hartfield Jr.

In 1959, he was shot in the line of duty.

"My mother wanted him to stop being a cop and he just said no way he was in his blood," said Larry Hartfield.

Hartfield returned to work but died in 2003.

On Wednesday his two sons were at Hartford Police Headquarters to accept the Police Cross Award on his behalf.

"It’s truly an honor to be recognized," Larry Hartfield said. "Even though he’s gone, I am just touched."

"It’s to be presented to police officers who are severely wounded in the line of duty whether they survive or not," Elwood said. "This is like a Christmas present it’s the greatest thing in the world. I’m glad to see that right now all of the officers who do this medal, who wanted it, have gotten it."

Hartfield was one of five officers honored at the ceremony Wednesday.

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