Hartford Police Reopening Case After Video of Apparent Road Rage Encounter Circulates Online

Hartford police say the incident was initially reported as an accident, but after seeing the video, they are reopening the case.

Hartford police are reopening a car crash case after video of what appears to be a road rage incident circulated online.

Initially, the incident was reported as an accident. But video on social media shows a violent encounter in downtown Hartford.

The video shows a heated verbal spat on the corner of Main Street in Hartford escalating with a punch thrown by a pedestrian before more words are exchanged and a driver of a grey vehicle slams on the gas straight at the pedestrian and red Toyota Camry. You can see the pedestrian get up and circle back to face the driver, and both men put their fists in the air.

The pedestrian suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to Hartford Hospital, according to police.

In the original police crash report, the driver of the Toyota told police his boot got stuck under the brake pedal, causing him to push down on the accelerator.

The Hartford Police Department is reopening the investigation after the video was brought to their attention.

Obasi Cooper filmed the clip and says he showed the video of the alleged assault to the officer who responded on scene.

“He just rams him into his car and he goes flying not so far in the air, but good enough he’s in the air falls to the ground and gets back up. Then as you can see he’s in the air falls to the ground and gets back up. Then as you can see both get up like they’re gonna fight and throw their hands they didn’t,” Cooper explained.

Cooper and police said the incident happened Friday.

“The one, he almost got hit by the other car. And he went to confront him about it. You’re trying to hit my car, you almost hit my car,” Cooper said.

NBC Connecticut has reached out to the men involved through friends, but have not been successful in speaking with them. Anyone with information or who witnessed the incident is encouraged to contact Hartford police.

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