Hartford Police Seize Misused Disabled Parking Placards

Hartford does not charge legitimate tag holders the parking fee at the venue. Those who misuse tags take spaces away from those who need them.

Hartford Police are cracking down on invalid disabled parking passes. Police say they seized 27 fraudulent, altered, and expired passes during just the past two shows at the Xfinity Theatre.

“Twenty-five of them were actually expired or basically fraudulent,” said Lt. Paul Cicero of the Hartford Police Department. “Fake passes, photocopied, two of them were actually legitimate passes that were given to somebody else and were improperly utilized.”

Cicero says people are going to great lengths just to park closer to the venue. It’s an ongoing and growing problem during the summer concert season.

“By showing a disabled parking placard they are parking closer to the venue they’re taking up a spot that’s legitimately needed by somebody that has a disability,” Cicero said. “They’re not paying the $60 or the $40 or whatever it is for that particular show. Not only are they basically having a violation in regard to the parking placard, they’re also having a criminal violation larceny sixth degree by basically not paying for the parking spot.”

Misused tags may be seized and unauthorized use can lead to a fine of $150 for the first offense, and $250 for any additional offenses.

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