HPD, Wool Company Venture in City Tunnels to Give Out Socks

Hartford Police Department (HPD) teamed up with a wool apparel company to give out nearly 100 pairs of socks to homeless people in the capital city on Valentine's Day. 

The company, WEWOOL, and officers passed out wool socks, shoes and hand warmers to the homeless community in Hartford with hopes that the act was appreciated by those who might not have shelter during these frigid days.

"To put it quite simply, yesterday morning we made a choice," WEWOOL CEO Matt Siracusa said, according to Hartford Police.

HPD and WEWOOL bundled up and ventured into tunnels and under highway bridges at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Their mission was to find individuals who are not often visited and provide them with a few things to keep them warm this winter season, WEWOOL said. 

"(It) might seem silly to most that a pair of socks can change someone’s life, but until you have seen a grown man cry after receiving them you cannot truly understand," Siracusa said.

The team traveled about 100 yards deep into a train tunnel to find homeless individuals sleeping in temperatures less than 20 degrees. They delivered over 100 pairs of Alpaca and Merino wool socks, cheering up the lives of those who truly needed it.

WEWOOL donates a pair of socks to World Vision USA for every pair bought, which was instated by their charity policy. 

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