Hartford Program Fights Blight With Home Makeover

A Hartford home in disrepair received a major makeover through a unique partnership.

The house at 145 Ridgefield Street was an eyesore. Homeowners Gloria and Leon Daniels said they just couldn't keep up with the historic Blue Hills Home over the years.

"We’ve been years since 1995," said Gloria Daniels. "And a lot of things have happened, sickness you know."

Now for the first time, the city’s Housing Preservation Loan Fund has partnered with Habitat for Humanity in order to fix it.

"The before and after pictures it’s really amazing," said Daniels.

Mayor Luke Bronin says the public-private partnership made it possible. The money doesn’t come from the city budget because it’s a loan, and the help from federal dollars.

"This is part of a much bigger effort," Bronin said. "We are trying to combat blight throughout the city of Hartford."

Neighbors say the house that once dragged things down is now lifting them up.

"I feel really good I think it has done much to improve the value of the neighborhood," said neighbor, Clara Ruffin.

"I’m really grateful because I know I couldn’t have done all this," Daniels said.

For more information about the Hartford Housing Preservation Loan Fund, click here. 

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