Hartford Schools Consider Changing Snow Policy

Another winter storm Sunday meant another parking ban in Hartford, prompting the city to cancel school so residents could park in school lots. Now the city is considering a policy change.

"We may look for a different policy," explained the mayor's spokesperson, Maribel La Luz.

Carlos DelValle has two children in Hartford schools. We caught up with him as he cleared his car at Bulkeley High School, where he parked during the city's latest parking ban.

"Kids in school and no parking ban, yes. I mean, I can see if it was nine, 10 inches of snow... but for something like this? No. No. Kids should have been in school," said DelValle. "They did not need this parking ban last night, no."

Hartford was one of only a few districts in Connecticut that canceled classes because of the storm, which dropped about four inches in the city.

Most districts opened late.

Because residents are allowed to keep their cars in school lots during citywide parking bans, plows were unable to clear the parking lots, preventing access to schools.

City officials said they consider the impact on schools every time they implement a parking ban, which likely means schools will close so streets can be cleared for public safety reasons.

"We're asking for a little more patience. We have been hit with a lot of snow," said La Luz.

La Luz said discussions between city and school district officials about the parking policy will take place soon.

Not all residents were upset with the city's decision to implement a parking ban and close schools Monday.

"There was a lot of snow yesterday, so I think whenever there's a lot of snow it's necessary so they can clean up the streets and everything can be cleaned up," said Chris Bogle, a Hartford resident who also parked at Bulkeley High School during the ban.

La Luz said the city also has to consider the condition of sidewalks and the safety of people on board the 500 buses that transport children to and from Hartford schools every day.

"No one really wants schools closed," she said.

A spokesman for Hartford Public Schools did not return a request for comment.

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