(Tea) Party Like It's 1773!

A large crowd gathered for a 'Tea Party' outside the capitol building in Hartford on Wednesday afternoon - but there was to be no sipping from fancy little mugs at this gathering.

This party was to protest taxes on tax day.

The protesters expressed anger and frustration over the federal stimulus package, the bail out of large corporations and what many described as the irresponsibility of government in general.

Capitol police estimate there were about 3,000 people on hand in Hartford, some of whom showed up long before noon, when the rally was scheduled to begin.

Similar rallies were held in three other locations across the state as well.

And while many in the crowds would describe themselves as activists, a good number say they had never before attended a protest but that “enough is enough.”

The protest was not just aimed at the federal government but state government as well. Many of the protesters were independent business owners here in Connecticut who say they are fed up with paying the “max in tax.”

Organizers of the grassroots event say there are 750 'Tea Parties' going on around the country.  The New Haven event Wednesday morning drew about 300 people.

The 'Tea Party' is a reference to 18th century patriots who threw tea into the Boston harbor in protest of taxation without representation. The modern-day movement began in February after CNBC reporter Rick Santelli railed against the $787 billion stimulus package on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The rant became an instant sensation on YouTube.

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