Hartford Unveils Plan to Stop Speeding on Residential Streets

Planters to slow traffic in Hartford
NBC Connecticut

Hartford officials are addressing speeding in part of the city with a traffic calming project that diverts traffic to slow drivers down.

Officials held a news conference Friday morning to unveil what they called a “tactical urbanism project” on Russ Street, which includes “diagonal diverters” that force all traffic to turn, preventing vehicles from traveling straight through an intersection.

Hartford Luke Bronin said they have heard concerns about speeding and reckless driving for months and they came up with a solution to make the neighborhood safer.

"Rather than rerouting streets or redesigning streets, we came up in partnership with the neighborhood with a quick, creative tactical solution to make this intersection safer," Bronin said.

Aaron Gill, chair of Frog Hollow NRZ, said the diverters were put up in less than a day and added a great aesthetic to the neighborhood.

Bronin said the city is also working on prioritizing areas where there have been a lot of accidents and concerns and he called on residents of Hartford to come forward if they have concerns and call 311 to report them.

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