Hartford Weekend Stabbing Ruled Homicide

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has confirmed to the NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters that the death of 29-year-old Hartford man has been ruled a homicide, the city’s third in 2018.

Kemar Bennet was injured in a stabbing during an incident at the Sunset Café at 3229 Main Street this past Saturday around 2 a.m.

After the attack, Bennet left the scene in a vehicle with several passengers and crashed his vehicle further down the street. Police said witnesses reported that Bennett had passed out at the wheel before the crash.

Bennet was rushed to Hartford Hospital with critical injuries and was pronounced dead Tuesday.

The OCME says the cause of Bennet’s death was “complication of stab wounds to torso and left lower extremity.”

The rear driver-side passenger was taken to Saint Francis Hospital with injuries including a fractured skull and brain swelling, while another passenger suffered a broken femur. Two other passengers suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Police said surveillance cameras captured footage of the fight between Bennet and a suspect outside the Sunset Café. The suspect fled the area before police arrived and at last check has not been identified.

The Troubleshooters obtained information on Bennet’s autopsy in cooperation with the blog wethepeoplehartford.blogspot.com.

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