Hartford's Riverfront Being Eyed for Unique, New Development

Hartford’s riverfront is being eyed for a unique, new development.

On Tuesday, representatives of Aqua Ark laid out their vision to city councilors.

The company is looking to build on land near the Connecticut River and just south of Mortensen Riverfront Plaza.

Restaurants and retail would be constructed on what is essentially a floating foundation that could move as the river level rises and falls.

I’m seeing it as the ability to go down to the riverfront and if you want to have something to eat or you want to do a little shopping instead of having to leave to go into Hartford it’s right there for you," said Aqua Ark President George Bryant.

The project could cost up to $40 million and still needs approvals including from the state and feds.

If everything goes the company’s way, the hope is to open it in a few years.

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