Harvard Student Living on Donated Kidney Needs Liver Transplant

After living for 18 years on a donated kidney, Mitchell Yeoh needs a liver transplant before he can have a kidney transplant, but at number 88 on the liver transplant eligibility list, he could be years away from getting it.

"I would like to write and illustrate children's books, teaching children about life lessons and languages," said the Harvard University freshman, who speaks seven languages including Russian and Chinese, at his family's home in Fairfield.

He was well enough last summer to visit China with the Greater Bridgeport Youth Orchestra, but this fall he spent more than 60 days at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.

"It's scary," said his mother, Lisa Yeoh, who donated one of her kidneys to Mitchell when he was born with a kidney disease. Mitchell needs part of the liver of someone with Type O+ blood.

"There was one Good Samaritan donor that came for Mitchell at Yale. Unfortunately his liver was too small," Lisa Yeoh said.

She said a liver transplant now would be a miracle for Mitchell. In fact, that's what she calls her Facebook page: Miracles for Mitchell. [[287303801, C]]

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