‘Hate Has No Place Here': UConn Investigates Anti-Semitic, Anti-LGBTQ Incidents

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UConn is investigating after a string of hateful acts and speech on the Storrs campus.

The school says that includes anti-Semitic graffiti and offensive comments directed toward the LGBTQ community.

 “I would say it is definitely, definitely affecting the safety of the way that Jewish students on campus feel,” said Dori Jacobs, UConn junior and Hillel board president.

Jacobs says there have been seven anti-Semitic incidents this school year, including a couple reported over the weekend and another on Tuesday.

“It definitely is becoming a trend on campus. Anti-Semitic incidents seem to be increasing,” said Jacobs.

In two recent cases we’re told swastikas were found spray-painted on buildings, including one right across from the Jewish center.

And this comes right in the midst of Passover.

“It's a very, very hard time to be hit with anti-Semitism like this because it feels like once again we have to fight for our ability to practice our religion freely without this type of hate,” said Jacobs.

Also in the past couple of weeks there were two cases of reported bias targeting the LGBTQ community.

In response to the series of hateful actions, school leaders wrote in part:

“For those who feel distressed or uncertain in the face of incidents of abhorrent conduct, let us be as clear as we can: Hate has no place here. Together, we will overcome this, as we can overcome any challenge when we face it as a united University.”

UConn says it’s taking the incidents seriously and investigating if laws or the Student Code of Conduct was broken.

While Jacobs applauds the school for clearly identifying anti-Semitic acts, she thinks UConn can do more to make students feel safe.

“I think it's really, really important to incorporate anti-Semitism education into the curriculum. Just as you incorporate education against all other forms of hate and bigotry,” said Jacobs.

UConn says it is offering support to those affected though did not have details to release about all the incidents yet.

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