“Haunted” Tunnels Closing Up

Piece-by-piece a part of Newtown’s past is being removed.

Crews are working to take apart the concrete pedestrian tunnels of the old insane asylum at Fairfield Hills. The tunnels have an interesting past. Some say they’re haunted. 
The tunnels have appeared on MTV’s “Fear” and bloggers have written about visiting the tunnels, which were used to transport patients, alive and dead, from one building to another on the Fairfield Hills campus.
Rumor has it that some of the restless souls remain in the tunnels and haunt the buildings on campus.
The News-Times is reporting that that all that will be coming to an end. Over the next few weeks, crews are removing the tunnels to put in new underground utility lines.
In 2004 the town of Newtown took over the campus and the future plans include putting Town Hall and the Newtown Youth Academy on the property.


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