Have You Heard the Moos?

Hikers were “udderly” surprised to find a Scottish Highland cow wandering around Sleeping Giant State Park recently. 

People at the Hamden park say they noticed it a few weeks ago.  According to Police, the tan, 8 month old cow made a break for it as it was being delivered to Paul Novicki on Tuttle Avenue. 

Animal experts say the breed likes mountainous terrain, which might be the reason Novicki and Animal Control haven’t been able to catch it.  They say, the cow comes down the mountain at night to graze, but evidently eats before anyone can put the moooooves on it.

The DEP says this animal’s no bull, so it doesn’t pose a threat to anyone because it is domesticated.

Officials say it is the owner’s responsibility to catch the cow so feeding it isn’t advised.  Meanwhile, Novicki is hoping the cow will come home, but some say the bovine is milking this time for all its worth.

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