Hay Being Stolen from Horse Rescue

Locket's Meadow Farm animal rescue wants to know why hay continues to disappear.

Kathleen Schuman owns the Bethany farm. She said at least once a week for the last three years some of her hay goes missing.

After seeing a suspicious person come onto her property in the early morning hours, Schuman said she saw a man steal some of the hay.

“So he came in at 5:40 AM, got the hay loaded up his trunk and drove past my other driveway.”

She said there were nine hay stacks and five of them went stolen.

Schurman said times are hard and every hay stack counts. She buys bales of hay day-by-day at about $150 because it costs too much to fill up the farm’s hay mount, which costs about $4,000.

“We’re a rescue! We’re a non-profit! We go penny, to penny to penny to penny. So when somebody takes those bales of hay we have to scramble to go get more.”

Schuman said she's reported the incident to state police, although state police tell NBC Connecticut they have not received a formal complaint.

The rescue has been caring for animals for the past 15 years.

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