More Testimony From Psychiatrist in Cheshire Home Invasion Trial

A Judge will hear more testimony in the Cheshire home invasion trial from a prison psychiatrist in a yet another hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

Steven Hayes is one of two defendants in the Cheshire case.  Jury selection has been delayed in that trial after Hayes tried to commit suicide more than a week ago.  His lawyer has raised concerns about how he is being treated in prison.

Hayes was expected to appear in court on Monday but instead remains in the prison infirmary.

Officials have taken away the medication that Hayes hoarded and tried to overdose on.  He is being detained in a Ferguson gown, which in a less restrictive straitjacket.

Hayes is accused of killing Jennifer Hawke Petit and her two daughters during the Cheshire home invasion in 2007. On Jan. 31, he was found unconscious in his cell and was taken to a hospital..

The judge hopes jury selection will resume March 15.

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