Sulfuric Acid Spill Closes Part of Capitol Avenue in Hartford

A sulfuric acid spill at a power plant on Capitol Avenue in Hartford Wednesday morning caused a headache for drivers. 

A 1,300-gallon storage tank at 490 Capitol Avenue cracked around 7:27 a.m. as it was being filled, which caused a spill in the plant, and a little bit leaked out the doorway, according to fire officials.

Hartford police officials said approximately 250 gallons of sulfuric acid was being added to the tank when it cracked. 

Crews from the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded to the building to clean up the spill and a private contractor was also called.

The sulfuric acid, which is used to purify water, can burn upon contact, but no injuries are reported.

Capitol Avenue was closed between Putnam and Park Terrace and people are asked to avoid the area but reopened in the evening. 

There are no reports of injuries. 

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