HDI Union Workers Attend Memorial on 6th Anniversary of Shooting

It was a somber morning at Hartford Distributors in Manchester as employees and family members came together to remember eight employees killed during a mass workplace shooting in 2010.

To mark the sixth anniversary, union employees who were locked out during the union fight over a new contract were allowed on the grounds and attended a ceremony at the memorial garden this morning. 

Family members of the victims also attended.

"He was a great man. loved to cook. He was an avid Giants and Yankees fan. He was an overall genuine, kind person," Gina Fazio said of her father, Graham. 

She said all the victims were great men who will hold a special place in her heart. 

"Aug. 3rd comes around. You don’t really want to get up and function you don’t want to do anything else but to come here and see everyone stand by you. It puts a smile to my face,” she said.

Ross Hollander, the company’s president, called today a sad day.

"They were family. Who worked here their whole lives," Hollander said. "It's a very sad day. I'm glad everyone, including the employees, got together with us to remember our loved ones."

Officials from the Teamsters Union said the lockout ends at 9 p.m., but there is still no agreement on contracts.

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