Health Clinics in Schools Help Hartford Students Go Back to School Healthy

It’s time for our kids to head back to school, but so often we worry about them getting sick once they are there. In Hartford, doctors are giving students immunizations ahead of time and are taking healthcare almost directly to the classroom, all school year long.

As 5 year-old Caden Clark gets ready for kindergarten in Hartford, his mom is making sure his health is in tip top shape.

“We are getting him immunized for school, and these wonderful people are helping us out,” said Caden’s mom, Shanise Clark.

From eyes, to ears, the doctors at the school-based health clinic in Michael D. Fox Elementary School are doing physicals and giving immunizations that are required for all students, unless they opt out for religious or medical reasons. Plus, the visits are free if kids don’t have insurance.

“We want them to get in touch with us regardless of their insurance status. We want them to contact us, come in, and give us a call so that we can get them covered. Our big goal is to get them in school and keep them healthy,” said Brooke Kokus, a physician assistant at the health clinic.

Different vaccinations are required for students in different grades. The full list can be found here.

The school based health clinics in Hartford are also open during the entire school year.

“We are actually open the entire school year, and during the first beginning of the school year is when we are busiest doing physicals, but we are able to get all of our kids vaccinated all through the year,” said Kokus.

The clinics are open during school hours at the following seven Hartford schools:

  • Asian Studies Academy
  • Bulkeley High School
  • Hartford Public High School (all academies)
  • Journalism & Media Academy
  • MD Fox
  • Rawson School
  • Sanchez Elementary
All Hartford students are welcome for anything from flu shots or ear aches, to dental work or sports physicals. Dental work is even offered at 17 school locations. The locations can be found here

“Sports physicals are required in all the high school grades. They have to have them within 10 months of starting the new sport so we can also do sports physicals, school physicals and any resident of Hartford we are happy to take care of,” said Kokus.

Taking care of our kids physically, so moms like Shanise can focus on a successful school year.

“Learn as much as he can and have a great time at school and stay safe,” said Shanise.

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