Health Officials Raise Concerns Over Colored Fentanyl Pills in Candy Packaging

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Health officials are raising concerns about colored Fentanyl pills that are being found in packaging that looks like candy.

The U.S. Attorney said selling fentanyl is bad enough, but making it rainbow-colored and disguising it in candy boxes like Nerds and Skittles could have been way more tragic.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration believes the cartel is behind this as a way to target children as young as middle school-aged. They've found it in 21 states so far, including in Connecticut.

Earlier this month, two people tried to sell 15,000 pills to an undercover DEA agent at a meeting place in Wethersfield. The SUV was stopped in Rocky Hill where they found the pills in Nerd boxes and Skittles candy bags.

Also in the last week, the New Haven Health Department sent out an alert on social media about purple-colored drugs being found in the city most likely containing fentanyl.

“We certainly are seeing that as a new trend. And we saw it this past summer and so that's why it's important for people to be cognizant of what is out there. And that the risks that it poses on individuals," said New Haven Health Department Director Maritza Bond.

Bond said these drugs are developed illegally and can be deadly.

While overcoming addiction can be difficult, she is urging people to learn about resources that are available and to get Narcan training.

Connectgnh.org has accessibility on how individuals can get access to be able to test the type of drug that they're taking and also how they can take a training, being able to take a Narcan training and have accessibility to Narcan kits in the event that there's an overdose,” Bond said.

You can find more information about resources that are available here.

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