Heat Heads Our Way for the Weekend


After a few "cooler" days in a row with highs in the low- to mid-80s, get ready for a return of the true summer heat this weekend.

The high temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday were 82 and 85 respectively, both at, or just below the seasonal average. Extensive cloudiness and an easterly wind kept the temperatures in check, that all changes today.

The approach of a weak coldfront will produce a southwest wind and very warm temperatures. Highs today should reach 90 to 95 degrees and thunderstorms are a good bet this afternoon. 

It looks as if another heat wave is in order for the weekend and early next week. So far this warm weather season, we have had 14 days with high temperatures of 90 degrees or higher.

The season average is 18, so we are heading in that direction and will likely have an above normal season. There is a moderate likelyhood that we could see 4 or 5 days in a row taking us into next weekend.

Grab a glass of lemonade, fire up the fans, and find some shade, fall is right around the corner! Kidding!

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