Heat Wave Discolors Water in 15 Towns

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The heat wave is causing problems with water on Wednesday.

About 15 towns in Southern Connecticut served by the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority are dealing with the problem.

Warm weather has driven up demand for water and that is stirring up sediment and causing the water to become discolored, water authority officials said.

The water is safe to drink, but residents with water issues should not do laundry because it could could stain your clothes.

It is also a personal choice whether or not to use the discolored water for showering, flushing toilets or cleaning floors, water officials said.

To drink lightly discolored water, fill a container, put it in your refrigerator to cool and let the color settle to the bottom. When you are ready to drink it, use the clear water from the top of the container.

Consumers with questions can call 203-562-4020.

The heat advisory is in effect until evening and several cooling centers have been opened.

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