Heat Wave Hits Connecticut

Connecticut is experiencing the first heat wave of the summer and experts recommend staying indoors and drinking water.
But for people who work outside, the heat is part of the job.

“I just keep my sunglasses on and my suntan lotion,” said Bill Hurley, a 17-year-old lifeguard at Cosey Beach in East Haven who sits in the sun eight hours a day. “You’ve got to stay hydrated out here. If not, you’re going to pass out.”

And he’s hip to staying cool with a cooler full of water and Gatorade, and a wardrobe of light clothing. And, he’s used to the heat.
“I don’t mind. The sun doesn’t bother me anymore,” Hurley said.

For others, work isn’t a walk on the beach, like carpenters and steel workers building 360 State St. in New Haven.

“It gets really hot, really hot. There are guys up there that are soaking wet, losing all of their fluids,” Rick Pelletier, the foreman for carpenters on the construction site, said.

Experts warn seniors to be careful in the heat. Doctors say they are at risk for heat strokes, exhaustion, cramps and fatigue.

“It makes you drained mentally. I’ve got energy and I just can’t get up and do everything I want do, and then you’re exhausted and if you don’t take care of yourself you could pass out,” Kathleen During, who lives in senior housing in East Haven, said.

The Department of Environmental Protection asks anyone who doesn’t have to be outside to stay indoors. The heat has increased the levels of ozone pollution making for poor air quality. 
To help people in Hartford beat the heat Tuesday, a Hartford bail bonds business will give away 500 bottles of chilled water for free at noon at Albany Avenue And Vine Street. They're calling it their summer heat bail out.
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