Barn Roofs Give Way Under Heavy, Wet Snow

A long winter that has yet to wind down has spread heavy, wet snow across the state, causing roofs to cave in and barns to collapse.

A cow barn at Triangle A Stables in Middlefield became the latest victim Wednesday morning when its roof came down, trapping six cows inside.

"You go into all emergency mode," said Triangle A manager Margaret Schaulis. "It's like you forget to call 911 at the time, and you just got to get every animal out."

The farm animals received only minor injuries, but they weren't the ony ones to have a close call.

This past Saturday, Emergency Animal Response Service – a volunteer organization that helps rescue and shelter animals during disasters – saved horses trapped inside a barn that crumpled from the snow in East Hampton.

"Essentially the same type of training that a fire department goes through for people getting people out of collapsed buildings, for example, except we focus on how to do that with animals," explained rescuer Jon Nowinski.

The barn at Stirrup Fun Stables on Mack Road in Lebanon also gave way to the pressure of snow. The horse rescue organization said the barn was crucial to operations and insurance won't cover the cost.

The structure itself will be $150,000 to replace, and ownership will have to shell out much to cover the cost of labor, according to the barn owner.

It's a devastating blow many now face.

"There's not a lot of insurances covering these collapses anymore. It's like flood insurance. Good luck," said Schaulis.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Stirrup Fun Stables cover the cost of repairs.

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